We make zines together and apart. On this page you’ll find a list of our zines and a link to our big cartel where you can buy them. You can find more of Lili’s zines here.

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Our Zines

Not A Bloody Luxury- Bumper Edition

A compilation of three zines we made for Menstrual Hygiene Day 2016. Featuring:

  • Issue 1: Published in the lead up to World Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th, 2016. It focuses on why menstrual health and hygiene is such an important and pressing issue around the world.
  • Issue 2: Looks at historical and modern stigma around menstruation and what we can do to tackle it.
  • Issue 3: a smaller zine focusing on PMS and PMDD.

Read more about it here: https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/We70GR4AAHEelso2

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!

Recipes for Wild Vegans

Now sold out! The zine that became our book! A homemade, homespun zine with 20 pages of vegan campsite recipes, camping tips and cycle-touring goodness. Riso printed with the help of all our wonderful supporters on Kickstarter.

We are planning to create a bumper Recipes 1 and 2 zine, so keep an eye out on our website for more news!

Recipes for Wild Vegans 2

Now sold out! The second issue of Recipes for Wild Vegans is a homemade and homespun zine with 20 pages. In it we share our experiences of camping, cycling and finding vegan food abroad. This issue includes tips about bike maintenance, using a basic can opener and more, as well as a host of simple, delicious vegan recipes. Riso printed with the help of all our wonderful supporters on Kickstarter.

We are planning to create a bumper Recipes 1 and 2 zine, so keep an eye out on our website for more news!

Why Marry At All? A queer feminist wedding zine.

Taking its name from the Marge Piercy poem we had as a reading, and inspired by a mini-zine that helped us out during planning our wedding, this zine breaks down some of the questions, choices and thoughts we had during the process of planning our civil partnership. Photocopied black and white 24 page A5 stapled zine.

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!

Recipes for Sick Vegans

Wild Vegans issue 3 leaves behind our first tour and focuses on the year and a half we spent living in Edinburgh afterwards. Interspersed with recipes are discussions of chronic illness, cycle rides in Scotland and a blow by blow account of our terrible flat! Risoprinted at Sunday’s Print in Glasgow, 32 pages, black and white, A5

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!

Wild Vegans, The Mini-Zine: Wild Camping 101

A mini zine made to bridge the gap between wild Vegans 3 and 4! A whistle stop tour of things we’ve learnt about wild camping on our last tour, and it folds out to an anti-recipe for the worst dish I’ve ever cooked on a camp stove.

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!

Shadow Song

Part of a series of comics exploring Lilith’s experience of mental health challenges. This zine explores ownership, loss and is inspired by the Mountain Goats song ‘Shadow Song’.

A5 b&w photocopied zine, 8 pages.

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!

Manchester 2018, a Roller Derby World Cup Fanzine

A 20 page b&w A5 fanzine about my trip to the roller derby world cup in Manchester in 2018, including a full page tribute to the Trafford centre. Made using trad cut and paste, with a hand drawn cover. This zine was made during Lilith’s residency at Cornwall zine library at Fish Factory Arts Space in Penryn.

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!


A 12 page A5 b&w comic book/zine about mental health and my first contact with mental health services when I was 17/18. Drawn with a brush pen.

Content notes: self harm, suicide and detention under the mental health act.

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!


An 8 page A5 bw comic zine about mental health and experiences of psychosis, specifically recounting the weekend before Lilith was sectioned in summer 2012. Hand drawn with brush pen and photocopied. Stapled. Part of an on going series. This zine was produced at the Cornwall Zine Library residency at Fish Factory Arts, Penryn.

Buy online at gearsforqueers.bigcartel.com!

An Incomplete A to Z of Cycle Touring for Mad and Neurodivergent Folk

Our first Patreon Zine is an incomplete A to Z of cycle touring for mad and neurodivergent folks. It’s got tips and stories about making cycling and camping accessible if you’re neurodivergent. 32 pages long, photocopied zine.

A Wee Guide to Weeing Outside

A mini zine for our patreon all about weeing outside. Includes our favourite weeing positions for comfortable and discreet wees outdoors!

Coming to our big cartel soon.

Recipes for Wild Vegans 4

The fourth in our Recipes for Wild Vegans series and currently only available on Patreon. This zine focuses on our second long cycle tour from Fife to Budapest and features simple recipes for very hot weather, as well as a guide to vegan eating in nine countries.

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