The Book

bookcoverOur first novel Gears for Queers is now available to buy at all bookstores!

In 2016, we embarked on our very first cycle tour, a 3 month trek across Europe, from Amsterdam to Montpellier. Gears for Queers is an honest account of our journey as two queer, neurodiverse and inexperienced cyclists as we try to navigate the highs and lows of cycle touring.

We are very excited (and very nervous) to be sharing this story with you. When we left for our first tour, neither of us had a clue what we were doing. We’d never really camped, we didn’t know how to read maps and Abi had never ridden for longer than her half hour commute to work. It was a long, hard leaning curve and we still feel strange staking claim to the identity of cyclists.

If books about being queer and non-binary, cycling long distances as a complete beginner, disability,Untitled design mental health, ethical travel and toilet etiquette are your cup of tea, then please share this book far and wide (and don’t forget to nab a copy for yourself too).

You can read what other people thought here on goodreads. Or you can read interviews with us or listen to us talking about the book through some of the links on our media page.

If you’re a bookseller, blogger or otherwise interested in reading Gears for Queers, please get in touch:

You can pre-order a copy from your local bookshop or get a signed copy directly from us here.