Further Reading

We’re aware that we are a easy way for people to feel they have diversified the image, or their perception, of cycling. However, queer rep is not some end point, and our visibility, our cycle touring, getting to write a book, is grounded predominantly in our Whiteness and our class.

You’re probably on this site because you’re queer, or interested in cycling, cycle touring or travel, so we have geared the further reading on this page to that – looking at expanding beyond our narrow perspective and prioritising resources from BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People, and People of Colour) on cycling, transport justice, and travel. That said, we’ve also included some more current resources specifically on prison abolition and queer, feminist reading on Black Liberation.

This is not a comprehensive list, but if you’ve read our book or interacted with our content, and want more, want better, but don’t know where to start, these are a set of resources which we will keep adding to, that we highly recommend reading, which we have enjoyed, have been valuable to us, have educated us and helped us grow. They have been produced by organisations, writers, cyclists, activists and creators we encourage you to support – financially, with your attention, or with your social capital by sharing on your own platforms. This is also not the end point, but a first step, and we also need to take action and demand change.

Cyclista Zine – Cyclista Zine is a zine focused on sharing the knowledge and stories of WTF folx and BIPOC in cycling. First off BUY THIS ZINE. It is excellent. Second, check out this amazingly comprehensive set of resources and start reading and educating yourself, here. Finally, support Cyclista on Patreon, they are doing amazing work and we have benefited hugely from the content and reading lists they post.

A Quick Brown Fox – Ayesha McGowan is the first African American woman pro-cyclist ever. She writes blogs and produces podcasts, and you can support her work building representation in cycling on patreon here.

Autostraddle Reading Lists – This has been such an important starting point for us, and is a really easy and accessible way to find recommendations for books, videos and articles on particular issues. We particularly recommend this one from Carmen Phillips for a Feminist and Queer Syllabus for Black Liberation.

Back in the Frame – Blogger and Cyclist Jools Walker’s (find her blog here) book talks explicitly about Blackness and tokenism in the cycling industry, as well as being a joyful exploration of rediscovering cycling as an adult. It was great to be introduced to cycle culture with Jools as a guide – from the Tweed Ride to the Giro d’Italia.

Bicycle/Race, Transportation, Culture and Resistance. This is an essential primer on understanding mobility justice and racism in transportation. It’s available through Microcosm Publishing here, or check your local indie bookstore (or if you want to borrow our copy, hmu)

Bani Amor is a queer crip Ecuadorian travel writer who writes about a number of things, including decolonizing travel and centring BIPOC voices – you can read a primer here and they also wrote this about transitioning and travel. You can follow them on Instagram @baniamor and on Twitter @bani_amor

Beyond Guilt Trips – Anu Taranath – a practical guidebook to navigating travel in an unequal world, this book is an invaluable resource if you are want to face the discomfort of travel, particularly grounded in race, resources and culture, and bring some of this learning back home to your community too.

Recently I’ve been working through some of the resources on this list – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wdmTPwiZkiPZnwKauzmcZLqUTdUe00WrCIwj7r4A7Zk/edit – to better understand prison abolition.