Not-stagram 12th-19th July 2021

Hellllooooo, welcome to this week’s not-stagram round up. We’ve actually been on the ‘gram twice this last week on account of needing to share an event, and because abi was announced as 1 of Cycling UK’s 100 women in cycling for 2021! This did also correlate with a downturn in our mental health, and so maybe reinforced our desire to divest from social media…. Still, it’s been an ok week for us – we had a big appointment today which we’ll tell you all about at some point (when we are ready!) and which went well, but we were both anxious about. Abi cracked her laptop screen, which is a bit of a nightmare and we are just working on repairing it now (hopefully it won’t cost toooo much…….). It’s too hot, and we are concerned about rising covid cases/reductions in restrictions. Sorry to anxiety dump, but there it is.

L: We got out on our kayak again this week which was ace, even though I freaked out in the waves and was convinced the sea was going to swallow us. We saw a flying fish, rescued a fishing line for some wee lads, and made it nearly all the way to St. Brigits. Once again Abi did most of the paddling…

A: I’d been feeling really nervous about getting back into the kayak after having a little wobble the last time, but it was a gorgeous day and unlike Lili I enjoyed the slightly rougher waves. Hoping we’ll be able to get out more regularly this summer!

L: I’ve been doing a lot of PhD work recently – who knew it was basically a full time job huh? Seriously though, I had my probation review, which is basically one of several annual check ins to make sure you’re actually going to finish the damn thing. it went well, and although it feels weird to have done anything during this strangely suspended period, it’s also cool to nearly finished year 1, and i feel pretty proud of it. I actually had my first ever academic journal article published, so if any of you are interested in reading it let me know and I’ll send you a copy.

L: I alllsoo ran a digital zine making/collaging workshop with Fish Factory in Cornwall, where Cornwall Zine Library lives, and it was really fun! You can see the starts of my page on the right above.

A: We finally popped a copy of our book into the little book swap on the cycle path/fife coastal path between Dalgety Bay and Aberdour. Every time we cycle the route we mean to do it and then forget and then pass the wee box and remark about how we keep forgetting, so it was good to finally do it. We cycled to the beach in Aberdour just to try and wipe away some cobwebs/anxiety and enjoy the sun, I got to go on the ebike again for some reason but I’m not complaining, the ebike is incredible.

We also received this incredible poster from Bristol Bike Kitchen which was a reward for supporting their fundraiser. It’s fucking gorgeous and more importantly it’s supporting an awesome community space.

L: Last, but not least, just last chronologically since we went there this morning, my excellent pal Judit of 269 Vegan Perth has opened 269 Vegan Dunfermline just off the high street in Dunfermline. Its a lovely, airy and bright space, plenty of room for social distancing and feeling comfortable eating out. We had a bagel each (the reuben and the carrot lox) and the best mushroom soup with sourdough and butter. Abi had the chai latte and I had a latte both with oat mylk. It was so so so so nice, and is definitely going to become a regular spot for us.

A: I managed to get out on an ebike adventure to the computer fixer guy in Dunfermline this afternoon and it was so nice not to worry about the epic hills. If anyone is on the fence about getting one, just do it if you can, cause they really do open up the world a bit and I am so much more inclined to get on my bike knowing im not gonna get absolutely exhausted. Also, if you’re in scotland they’ve reopened the loan scheme through which we bought ours, find out more here. Ebikes are cool, its official.