Fat Cyclist Zine Call Out

We’re looking for artwork and writing submissions from fat cyclists for our first ever collaborative Fat Cyclist Zine! The theme? JOY!

DEADLINE: October 31st 2020

The theme of our first zine is quite broad, but we want to centre joy in any type of cycling. You don’t have to be a professional cyclist; you could be thinking about getting on your bike for the first time in years. You might be a into cycle touring, commuting by bike, racing, mountain biking, BMXing or just enjoy cycling to and from the pub with mates. You might ride a racing bike, a fixie, a hand cycle, a trike, an e-bike, a touring bike. However you cycle, we want to hear from you.

Submissions are open to anyone who is fat, plus sized, big bodied and who is interested in or currently cycles. We particularly invite submissions from: LGBTQ+ folk, Black people, Indigenous people, People of Colour, Disabled people, Women, Trans, Femme, Non-Binary, Two Spirit and Gender Non-Conforming folk, and Working Class people. We appreciate and want to make space for the many and complicated ways fatness intersects with other identities, and the ways fatphobia is grounded in anti-Blackness, colonialism, white supremacy, ableism and sexism. However, please don’t feel that your contribution needs to talk about or centre these experiences. We want to hear about whatever you want to talk about in relation to fat cycling. Although our theme is joy, this zine is still a space for anger, fury, sadness, frustration and criticism.

We will not accept submissions which are in any way transphobic, racist, sexist, ablelist, homophobic or oppressive to any group of people. We will also not accept submissions which are fatphobic, which fat shame or which promote weight loss or diets. This is crucially a fat positive zine. If we feel like your submission doesn’t meet these requirements for the zine but was submitted with those intentions, we will reach out to you to have a conversation.

Submissions can be in any media. You can write poetry, fiction, essays, travelogues, lists, anything you want. We’d love to see writing illustrated or photographs included with it. We’d also love to see standalone artwork and photography (in any medium). Crucially this is a DIY zine, not a magazine, not an artbook. That means your work does not need to be of professional quality. We want to see terrible doodles and spelling mistakes. Work does not have to be made digitally and we are big fans of diy cut and paste.

In terms of formatting, please (if you can) submit work A5 size (that’s 148 x 210 mm) as a pdf or jpg (preferably 300dpi – ie. 300 pixels per square inch – ie. as high res as possible!). We’re happy to accept scanned work or photos of work. If you are taking a photo of your work, try and take it as flat as possible, with good lighting and on the highest res camera you can access.

Submissions can be sent to Abi via lilithandabi@gmail.com. Please include any social media handles you want included in the zine, the name you wish to use and pronouns if you are comfortable sharing. Also, if you are discussing anything which may cause distress to others, please include content warnings with your work. We may add content warnings to work if we consider it needed.

Finally, we aren’t able to pay for submissions to this zine. All work submitted will remain your property and if you want it removed from the zine, this can be done at any time, without explanation. It will be distributed for free, digitally, in line with DIY values under a creative commons license. This means that we will expect anyone who downloads the zine not to sell it, not to ‘cut and paste’ any of the content from it for their own work, and to attribute any work they share from it to the original creator. There is a possibility that we may explore printing physical copies of the zine when lockdown is lifted – if this happens we will reach out to contributors to ensure a) you still want your content included in the zine and b) you are happy with the ways we plan to fund it.

Never submitted to a zine before? Unsure what we’re looking for? Please check out our latest digital zine: The Cycle Touring Festival Zine. You cld also have a look at The Edinburgh Zine Library, to see examples of the sort of zines people make. If you have an idea you want to discuss with us, we’d love to chat! Just get in touch on social media or via email!

You could also have a go at making a mini-zine to get your creative juices flowing by following this video made for the UK Cycle Touring Festival: