Gears for Queers: The Book!

Gears for Queers cover reveal Instagram storyExciting news: we’re publishing a book!

For the past year and a half we’ve been holed up in coffee shops and libraries around Europe trying to finish our book: Gears for Queers. It’s an account of our first ever cycle tour, from Amsterdam to Montpellier and it’s being published on the 4th June 2020 by Sandstone Press!

We are very excited (and very nervous) to be sharing this story with you. When we left for our first tour, neither of us had a clue what we were doing. We’d never really camped, we didn’t know how to read maps and Abi had never ridden for longer than her half hour commute to work. It was a long, hard leaning curve and we still feel strange staking claim to the identity of cyclists.

If books about being queer and non-binary, cycling long distances as a complete beginner, disability, mental health, ethical travel and toilet etiquette are your cup of tea, then please share this book far and wide (and don’t forget to nab a copy for yourself too).

Still interested? Here’s our official blurb:

Keen to see some of Europe, queer couple Lilith and Abigail get on their old bikes and start pedalling. Along flat fens and up Swiss Alps, they will meet new friends and exorcise old demons as they push their bodies – and their relationship – to the limit.

And here’s our unofficial blurb (courtesy of our friend Brian):

If you’re a bookseller, blogger or otherwise interested in reading Gears for Queers, please get in touch:

And, if you fancy buying it in June, please pre-order it online or ask you local bookseller to stock it. We’ll be very grateful!



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